" GNPACK have been unique in approach to system solutions for Our Customers to maximize the desired results always for years. Accumlating more than thouands of projects & experiences of years, GNPACK still keep going to take the time to develope productivity improvements, production line flexibility demands, efficiency arising, and plant various levels. GNAPCK in the right time assure to do the appropriate technology of soultions to each Customer!

Upon those successful projects, GNPACK conbime any relative technologys as like Mechinical, Robotic, Servo, Electrical thru Seasoned Engineering to get a very clear picture and then achieve what Our Customers really needed. From uninque machine to systems, GNAPCK are a good roll to help you to develope & improve the current or planning projects you desired into facilities wherever plants or warehouse!

Why choose us? Hereinafter, we also do the examples! Not only for them, like AUO, Formosa, Fuscon, are all what we were competent to complete what they needed! Therefore, we do expect to let those successful cases copy onto yours upon our such seasoned background!"

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