" GNPACK is a professional experienced Material Handling consultant to assist clients to solve any questions for conveying, warehousing, sorting, packaging and automating to save cost from their own operation systems. From plan, design, manufacture, assembly, commissioning, installation to train/services, GNPACKis capable to do the services of Custom-Fabrication to integrate what clients really demand for facilitation of material handling opeation as below GNAPCK experienced.

  • Warehouse Material Handling Systems
    * AS/RS Systems
    * Picking Systems
    * Computerizing (Soft/hardware)
    * Low-Temperture Handling systems
    * Crane Handling systems

  • Robotics (Fanus)4. Packaging

  • Electric Control
    * PLC + SIM + Control Panel + Wiring + Computerizing

  • Packaging

  • Palletizing/Depalletizing

  • Conveying
    * Conveyor Systems
    * Elevators
    * Cart
    * Forklift
    * Turn-table
    * Lifter
    * RGV
  • System Integration
  • Turn-key System
  • Parts

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