GNPACK Corp Ltd offer our own team
of professional automated material handling
solutions experts to develope and implement the
Top-Suited advanced Technology to our
Customers' demand for most product handling

Founded in 1989, we keep running upon the
Principles of "People, Technology, Innovation and
Service" to aggregate all to satisfy with our Customers
who like to input more Efficient, Economic , Innovative,
Technical automated material/product handling systems
or equipments for their systems in terms of Performance,
cost, safety and reliability!

From plan, design, manufacture, assembly, commissioning,
installation to train/services, GNPACK always know what our
Customers really need whichever in Conveying, Warehousing,
Sorting, Packaging, Automating or Integrating and afford an
appropriate solution to improve and integrate to get thing
conveniently & easily!

From standard out-of-case to complicate of Customizated
Turn-key project, GNPACK accumulating plenty of experiences
and professional technologic know-how is your best source to
integrate what you faced for material

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